تاریخ انتشار: 1399/03/23

Dear friend,

We have established a company with the name of: Safe City Consultants and Expert, in field of HSEE and our new website almost is ready for use.

One of our services is dealing with loss prevention in factories and also any kind of health.

The website language is Persian, but I consider to locate a part of the site for use English articles.

If you are agreeing and interested in, we can to use your matters with your name and photo in the site.

Could you help me for feeding it regularly with HSEE matters?

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Plastic waste management, a matter for the community

تاریخ انتشار: 1399/03/23

Plastic solid waste (PSW) presents challenges and opportunities to societies regardless of their sustainability awareness and technological advances. Since the 1960s our use of plastic has increased dramatically, and subsequently, the portion of our garbage that is made up of plastic has also increased from 1% of the total municipal solid waste stream (household garbage) to approximately 1/3% (US Environmental Protection Agency). 

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